pokeforest.io Features

Hi!! Thanks for using pokeforest.io. I hope you like it a lot!!

Here is a list of features for the site, to explain how they work, and also to make you aware of them, as not all of these may be obvious that they even exist or easily noticeable. :)

pokeforest.io is a one-man project and I've tried to make the site as intuitive as I can in every way, and pretty.

Global Game Selector

At the top of each page, there is a button that says "GAME", and then displays whatever game you have selected after clicking on it last time. Sword and Shield data will be loaded by default. :)
Clicking on it then clicking on one of the listed games tells pokeforest.io to load Pokémon data for that game for any Pokémon that you view. Currently, the following data will adapt to any given game:

  • Pokémon sprites
  • All moves learned by any method (level up, breeding, TM, HM, etc.)
  • Cry - either the original pre-gen 6 cry, or the updated cry from gen 6 onwards will be played accordingly
  • Abilities - it will only show hidden abilities in Black & White or after, and won't show abilities in games earlier than Ruby & Sapphire at all, as hidden abilities, and abilities themselves, were first introduced in these titles, respectively.
  • Wild hold item - if any
  • Pokédex entries
  • And if a Generation 6 game is chosen, Sky Battle Eligible

The goal is in general for the Pokédex and all data to be accurate to the game you're looking at. :)
Of course, all Pokémon sprites will update other places on the site as well, like when viewing Region Pokédexes such as /pokedex/kanto :)
In addition, when Sword & Shield is selected as your game, all the Region Pokédexes you view will now omit the Pokémon that didn't make it to these versions

Customization options

At the bottom of each page, if you click on Customization, you can select a color theme for the site! We currently have 2 light modes and 5 dark modes. You can also change the color for when you click on a move on the Pokédex page to see more info about the move and its description :) However, this setting is only used for light themes.
Go customize! In addition, you can turn on a Preview-translation for Japanese! It won't show everything in Japanese at all, but many parts of Pokéforest (including the region-Pokédexes) have plenty of Japanese in them, if you're into that! If not, well, there's English to choose from, too. :)

Auto Match

To view a Pokémon on pokeforest, for example Treecko, a link looks like this: https://pokeforest.io/pokedex/treecko You can of course edit the last part of the URL to go to any other Pokémon, like /pokedex/pikachu or /pokedex/aegislash. The cool thing is that, if you only type the first letters of a Pokémon, like say, /pokedex/tree, pokeforest.io will look for a Pokémon that starts with those letters, and if it finds one, Treecko in this case, it will load that Pokémon! Other similar examples include: /pokedex/aegi will load Aegislash, /pokedex/ray will load Rayquaza, etc. :)

Pokémon forms

If a Pokémon has alternate forms (for example, Deerling or Giratina), hexagonal buttons with a little icons for the form will show up underneath the sprites. If you click on these buttons, it will load data for that form. This will update Stats, sprites, names, abilities, types, the 'Introduced in' field, and also the Pokémon's cry if it has an alternate one! Some Pokémon like Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist Super Size, Megas, Kyurem and others will change their cry from other forms, so click the Cry button to listen to them.

The URL will also update, and you can copy and paste this and send it to someone, or yourself, and upon visiting this link it will load the alternate form specificed in the URL! Linkable Pokémon forms, in other words! For example: /pokedex/necrozma/ultra will load, well, Ultra Necrozma upon visiting the link, as opposed to the regular form. You can also combine this with the above Auto Match feature! If you type pokeforest.io/p/ray/mega, it will auto match to Rayquaza and load its mega form :) Note that, it does require you to have a game where the form was introduced in to load these alternate forms, though. For now. In addition, to stay accurate to the game's data, pokeforest.io will only display forms that were available in the game you have selected. For example: Sceptile won't have any alternate forms in games before its Mega Evolution came, that being in X & Y. In particular, OR/AS Megas won't show up withß X & Y data for the same reason. :)

Shorthand URLs

There's an alternative way to find Pokémon by manually typing the URL: pokeforest.io/p/pikachu. That will autocomplete to the full URL of pokeforest.io/pokedex/pikachu :)
You can also go to pokeforest.io/r to get a Random Pokémon instantly! It will pick a random one out of all the Pokémon from Kanto to Galar :) Send this to a friend, if you please!
You can also combine this with auto match to make it even faster, like this for example: pokeforest.io/p/pika, pokeforest.io/p/trev or pokeforest.io/p/zap to find Pikachu, Trevenant or Zapdos respectively :)

Shortcut Actions

You can press the 'G' key on your keyboard anywhere to bring up the game selection screen/popup! :)
You can also toggle the search modal from anywhere on any page by pressing the / key. In addition, you can close the modals/popup windows by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard. So yeah, that's fun :D

And more

This list is incomplete but a start :)