sp00ky Update - November 21, 2020
  • Updated Alpha Dark color theme
  • Maintenance update. 2.0 is now in development.
Halloween X Update - October 29, 2020
  • Added color theme: Luna
  • Improved selecting customizations at the customization page. It's easier to select the various options now :)
  • Fixed precision in the Feet/Inches data for Pokémon
  • The Forest Night and the Forest Alpha themes have had a slight refurbish.
  • Design updates. As usual...
  • Added a few more Japanese translations for the site when using the Japanese (preview) as a setting :)
Halloween 2020 Update - October 14, 2020
  • Red & Blue, Gold & Silver, and Crystal sprites now look proper in darkmodes
  • Bugfix: the Japanese preview setting at the customization page works again.
  • Really small phone screens have received better support on the Pokédex page and in the regions :)
  • Maintenance update
  • Few new messages had been added to the home page. Shinrin!!
  • Mr. Mime actually shows again now when viewing the kanto region :) Is that actually a good thing? Well, that's up to you to decide... :-)
J. S. Bach Update - August 12, 2020
  • The Pokéforest search has seen the light of day, today! Now, when you search for a Pokémon, if you press space, you can keep typing to select what game you'd like to see the Pokémon's data in, right from the search bar! :) type something like, "paras hgss", "lugia gs", "chandel bw", "treek rs", "trev x" to try it out!
    This will set the game to whatever you choose in the search, so it's a faster and even more intuitive way to browse than before! :) The selected game will be saved for continued use, just like when you press the buttons in the game selection button screen at the top, in other words:)
    Of course, this words well with the autocomplete-nature of the search - you don't have to type the full name and all as usual! Enjoy.
  • The Random Pokémon feature on the site has had an improvement: it will now give you a random Pokémon within the game you have selected, as opposed to just any random Pokémon from any game! For example, you won't get Chandelure as a random Pokémon when you have R/B selected. If you do have Red & Blue loaded, you will always get a random Pokémon from Kanto! Cool right? :) This adds to the Global Game Selector feature to make it more intuitive. Hope you enjoy that! :)
  • Minor Color theme and Design updates
Update X - June 7th, 2020
  • Improvement: Type defenses data now is sorted from 4X to 2X weak systematically. Before, it wouldn't necessarily 4X weaknesses first. Now it will :)
  • Sized down the Galar sprites just a little bit: I thought they were slightly too large, look a bit sharper now :-) So yeah, that's enjoyable
  • A few fixes
Pokémon just wanna have fun update - May 8th, 2020
  • The default game is now updated to be Sword and Shield, and not US/UM anymore. We're past that stage!
  • We now have data for all Pokémon available in the Galar region!!! Go browse 'round
  • All Pokémon available in the Galar games (Sword/Shield) now have a custom sprite from these games! Earlier, only the new Pokémon found in the Galar region had one.
  • New color themes available!! The first is called Forest Night, and an alternative version of it with a good-looking background is also available, called Forest Alpha. I hope you enjoy them, and you should totally check it out and see what you think :)
  • Added 'Sky Battle Eligible' field when displaying data for Generation 6 games, so X & Y or OR/AS, in the Competitive section at the Pokédex pages.
  • Added a nifty, handy awesome lil' shortcut to Press the 'G' key on your keyboard to toggle the game selection screen/modal from anywhere! :D
  • If the Pokédex entries in the currently selected versions are the same, it will now display "Version 1 & Version 2" (i.e. "Diamond & Pearl") in one line / button, instead of two 'duplicate' entries :) Enjoy that very much
    The Pokédex Entries section has also been improved so it looks better! :)
  • Improved Type defenses section: better layout now :)
  • Continued adding Latinized Japanese for Pokémon in Unova, Kalos and Alola regions :) It's available already in Galar!
  • Color theme improvements!
  • UI & design Improvements
  • Continued adding Japanese translations! It's not done or past the preview stage, but it's gettin' there :)
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix and match!
New time Update - March 14th, 2020
  • The "Introduced in" now updates when you change forms for a Pokémon!
  • When you activate the shinydex at a region Pokedex (e.g. Hoenn Pokédex), the title now neatly updates to Shinydex/Pokédex accordingly. Nifty! :)
  • UI, design and interactivity improvements
  • Generation 5 sprites are now animated in the Pokédex! Enjoy and check it out :)
  • Fixed overlapping tooltips when hovering over the various Pokémon form buttons on the Pokédex :)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update - March 8th, 2020
  • Added a Shinydex toggle on the Region Pokédexes! :D /pokedex/kanto etc. :)
  • In Generation 1 games, the Pokédex now displays more accurate tooltips (when hovering over the Pokémon's sprites, to indicate colored and uncolored sprites of the Pokémon. Shinies were introduced in generation 2, and my goal is for the Pokédex to be true to the game :) It also doesn't display the little shiny star for the uncolored sprite anymore. Hope you enjoy that :)
  • The Alpha Dark theme has had an update, and looks prettier now. Go check it out at the customize page!! :D
  • The "show breeding partners" button that's shown when clicking on a move learned by breeding has seen the light of day in that it got some mercifully-given improvements
  • User interface and experience improvements - also slight font updates :)
Sunshine Update - March 3rd, 2020
  • Added Random Pokémon button at the start page :)
  • Color theme updates - various maintenances and improvements for color themes!
  • Pokédex pages viewed with data from a game before Generation 3 now don't show abilities of the Pokémon, to be true to the game, since Pokémon abilities were first introduced in generation 3 in Rupy & Sapphire :)
  • The Region Pokédexes now don't show animated sprites for the Pokémon, but the Pokédex pages still do in Generation 6 and 7 games. This will significantly reduce data costs and loading times when loading a region :) It also looks really funny when you load a Pokémon from a region and it starts moving :) Turns alive, you know?
  • Added a features documentation to describe and explain some of the site's features :)
  • Slight UI improvements
Historic Continental Update - February 21, 2020
  • Pokeforest now displays animated sprites for Generation 6 and 7 Pokémon again :)
  • Made the regions Pokédexes display the Pokédex number of the Pokémon in addition to its name :D
  • Improvements to the "Show Breeding Partners" button modal
  • You can now see the catch rate for the Pokémon in percent with full HP! :-)
  • Improvements to "Introduced in" under the Competitive section in the Pokédex!
  • A finishing touch! :)
Not-an-update Update - February 12, 2020
  • A few tweaks! :)
Dubstep Update - February 10, 2020
  • Added Move Tutor Moves!
  • Fixed broken Emerald sprites
  • Fixed Type Defenses bug
  • Added Pokédex entries!
  • The Japanese Name for the Pokéman now has a pretty gradient across it, for your enjoyment!!
  • Various fixes and improvements, especially in UI :)
Vietnameze Take-Away update - January 31, 2020
  • Added new clicked move color: Banana! Why this wasn't alredy here is beyond me :)
High-Spring update - 25 January, 2020
  • Added type defenses
  • Fixes and improvements
A nice update :) - January 23, 2020
  • Added support for playing the old pre-gen 6 cries in the Safari browser
  • Added shortcut to toggle the search from the navbar - just hit the / key on your keyboard to show the search modal :)
Galarian Zapdos update - January 22, 2020
  • Added Galar custom sprites! :)
  • Added Galar Pokémon cries :)
  • Slight color theme updates
Update's update of Update-Updates X - Jan 2020
  • Slight changes/improvements to UI (also page loading animation)
  • Fixed Settings not persisting past the current browser session
  • Color theme improvements/fixes
Stereo Speaker Heatran and Subwoofer-Dubwool's update - 2020! :D HAPPY NEW YEARZ
  • When you click on the Breeding Moves to see what they do in the Pokédex page, you can now find a "See breeding partners" button. If you click on it, you'll see the Pokémon that the Pokémon you're viewing can breed with to get that move, and if you hover over the Pokémon you see in the popup'd list, you'll see what level they learn the desired move at in the game you have selected. Nifty!
    The Breeding parents are of course sorted by what level they learn the move for your convenience. :)
  • YOU CAN NOW SEE SPRITES FOR THE EXACT GAME YOU HAVE CHOSUUUUN! :) It doesn't show the sprites for the first game in the generation anymore, to save data costs for mobile users, but just shows the sprites from the game you clicked on!
  • Added tooltips!, so now you can see hints and tips for various things you hover over with your cursor :)
  • Various fixes. You know, the good stuff. :)
Happy new year update!! - End of 2019
  • ADDED COMMUNITY :D - Nice n tight!
  • Fixes and improvements - just like every other instance of a changelog thing you've ever seen anywhere!! :D That's where it's at :) Improvements and bugfixes, always!
  • Added back button to view the native region of each Pokémon at the top left of each Pokédex page for a Pokémon!! :D
Awesome Duck's insanely-cool update - December 15, 2019
  • Added search option through the navigation bar - you can now search to your heart's content, whether you're on that page or this page, we gotcha covered!!:-)
  • Added Imperial system units for Pokémon's weight and height
  • Added Galar Pokémon base happiness, hatch time, Exp. given and growth rates!
Level-up Update - December 12, 2019
  • Added Galar evolutions!!!:-)
  • Improved and fixed evolutions otherwise, too:)
  • Added a new color theme: Alpha Dark
  • Started adding Romanized Japanese (Romaji) names for Pokémon after Arceus
Sun's Solgale X59-Z Update - December 9, 2019
  • Improved and fixed the wild hold items for Pokeman! Go catch him! :D
Intelligent Chameleon and Grookey's update - December 4, 2019
  • You can now close the modals (popup screens) by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard! Also added an "X" button to close it :)
  • Fixed a bunch of things
  • Added new section: Competitive! Currently, it only shows the game the Pokémon was introduced in :) But it's still cool... right? :-)
  • Slight re-design, especially font/text things, and flash notifications look a bit better! Yay!
Lemur's daily Pokeforest Update - November 30, 2019
  • Added some new move colors
  • A few tweaks!
"Looking to protect yourself, or deal some damage?" - Ulbearth War-Bear (Skyrim) Update - November 25, 2019
  • Added logo!
  • I don't remember what else I did lol :D
Forest Bear's update - November 12, 2019
  • Vastly improved search bar: nice, intuitive and responsive search bar right at the start page. It's also tolerant to typos, so if you wanna find a Pokémon you can't quite remember how to spell, say, Dhelmise, if you type Delmise, (that is, omitting the "h" after the first "D"), it'll still show up. It's actually more tolerant than that, so for example "prsa" will still find Paras for ya. :)
    But don't take my word for it, check it out yourself and see what you think!! :)
  • Linkable forms: You can now link to Pokémons forms to directly load a Pokémon's any alternate form when you visit the link. So,, and all do what you'd expect ( with that last one being auto-matched to Rayquaza ;) ).
  • Added a new (light) color theme, Forest Walk. :)
  • Added a new move color, called Nighstky
  • Fixed quirky modal (the popup screen) behavior in the Safari browser
  • Speed improvements, both in UI and page loading times :)
  • Various fixes
Duck's update - November 2, 2019
  • Add location data. Right now it only shows the locations the Pokémon is found in, but this will be greatly improved in an update. :)
  • will now not show hidden abilities if you're viewing data for a game earlier than Pokémon Black and White, since there were no hidden abilities before that.
  • Improved graphics performance, with the modals/popup-screens especially
  • Added new color for moves, Raspberry. :)
  • Minor graphical fixes
Pokétoberfest - October X, 2019
  • GALAR POKEMANZ! :D :D Check it out!
  • Upon switching forms for a Pokémon, it'll now show what form you're viewing in a better way.
  • Improved Firefox support, less lag. :)
  • Fixed cookie notice screen popping up even after clicking "Got it"
Nice stuff :D - September 22, 2019
  • You can now choose the color for the move you clicked on in the Pokédex! Currently, you can choose between these pretty colors: Sea, Sun, Blossom, and Mint. Also Cloud. Check it out at the settings page! :) Also, these colors will only show up when using the lightmode because of their, well, colorful nature.
  • NEW COLOR THEME YAAS! :D - A darkmode with red and turquoise-green colors. Check it out for nice Team Rocket hideout feel!!
Various improvements - September 7, 2019
  • Old cries! - now plays the original pre-generation 6 cries when you have a, well, pre-generation 6 game selected! Check it out :)
  • You can now click on abilites to see what they do!
  • Added Romaji text next to Japanese name (Romanized Japanese). Although, Pokémon from generation 5 to 7 won't show this data for now as it's not in our system, so bear with us on that.
  • Forms introduced later than the game you're viewing won't show up, so megas without a sprite won't show up and give you trouble if you're viewing your Diamond and Pearl data, for exmaple. :)
    This also includes Mega Evolutions introduced in OR/AS - they won't show up if you're viewing X/Y data. Just a heads up there :)
  • Switching between forms should now be a bit more responsive.
  • Now, when you click on Save on the Settings page, it will take you back to the page you were when you clicked on settings, not the main page.
    Yeah, that was bothering me too. :)
Generational update - August 21, 2019
  • The very anticipated update: Pokéforest will now show sprites based on the generation of the game you're viewing! If you're viewing data for Pokémon Gold & Silver, you'll see Gold & Silver sprites, and if you're viewing Pokémon Emerald data, it'll show you sprites for the first game in that generation, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, and so on! The reason for not showing sprites for the exact game you have active is for saving data costs, mainly.
  • The game button will now show the game you're on, even if you haven't clicked it. :)
  • Pokéforest now shows default data for the Pokémon you view if you've selected a game earlier than the Pokémon was discovered in.
  • If you're viewing data for a game earlier than generation 4 (so FireRed / LeafGreen and earlier), all Pokémon's learned moves will now show the correct category (physical, special and status) that these games had, since moves in these games were not physical/special based on the individual move, but each type was always either special or physical. For example, all Ghost-type moves were physical, and all fire moves were special. Status moves were just, status moves. :)
Darkmode update - August 9, 2019
  • Added darkmode! :D And a settings button at the bottom of each page to turn it on :)
Initial launch, August 6, 2019
  • is online and viewable on the Internet after initially starting development in January 2018. The site was re-made a number of times from scratch before seeing the light here on the web. Quite the journey! :)